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Michigan educators have an opportunity to take IMSE training free of charge through the 35d Grant. Find out morehere.


IMSE Impact
More Science. More Structure. More Impact.

With our new IMSE Impact Structured Literacy Professional Development and Programs, you have access to the latest updates in Structured Literacy and more comprehensive programming to create an impact in the classroom on day one.

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IMSE Impact Structured Literacy Professional Development

Based on the latest research in the Science of Reading, IMSE Impact incorporates the Orton-Gillingham methodology and all five pillars of literacy plus language comprehension, spelling, and writing – to drive measurable gains for all students. 

Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Plus

Comprehensive Orton- Gillingham Plus is for K-2 teachers in addition to grades 3 and beyond whose students require instruction in word recognition skills and those who are learning to read.
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Morphology Plus

Morphology Plus is for grade 3-5 teachers as well as teachers whose students can read and spell but continue to struggle with language comprehension. This course is for those teaching students who are reading to learn.
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Phonological Awareness

Phonological Awareness is for all teachers who want a deeper understanding of phonological awareness, the importance of orthographic mapping, and phonemic awareness.
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How You Can Make an Impact

IMSE supports districts, administrators, and educators in ensuring students are meeting literacy goals – and loving it!

For Districts

IMSE Impact Structured Literacy Programs deliver comprehensive and prescriptive instruction that enables school districts to ensure they are improving literacy levels school by school and class by class.
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For Administrators

By making sure educators understand the “why” and the “how” behind literacy instruction, IMSE drives higher levels of fidelity for greater consistency across your classrooms.
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For Educators

IMSE Impact Structured Literacy Programs provide educators with a direct, explicit, sequential, and systematic instruction approach to teaching reading to students that makes a difference from day one.
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For Parents

As a parent you play an important role in your child’s literacy development. Learn more about what IMSE has to offer you.

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Orton-Gillingham Plus So Much More

IMSE Impact delivers complete, evidence-based Structured Literacy professional development and instructional programs. Based on the latest research in the Science of Reading, IMSE Impact incorporates the Orton-Gillingham methodology and all five pillars of literacy – plus language comprehension, spelling, and writing – to drive measurable gains for all students.

Orton-Gillingham for Everyone

Learn at Your Own Pace

IMSE offers asynchronous courses to educators who are looking for professional development, but are unable to attend a live-virtual or in-person training due to their busy schedule.


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IMSE Offers a Variety of Products that Align with Our Scope and Sequence

From customizable Google Slides to classroom posters, we offer a variety of products in scope with our IMSE trainings.

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See How IMSE Fulfills Your State’s Literacy Professional Development Requirements

IMSE has worked with teachers, schools, and districts in several states across the country affected by mandates that require teachers to be trained in specialized reading methodologies. The mandates are often targeted at general reading, special education, and dyslexia focused initiatives.

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Learn More About IMSE Certifications

IMSE offers a variety of certifications to educators who take part in an IMSE or IMSE Impact training. Educators can choose to pursue their Fidelity Certificate, go through IMSE’s Train the Trainer program, and participate in the IMSE Impact Orton-Gillingham Practicum. Learn more about what all of these certifications have to offer you!

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    The amount of reading young children do in digital formats has been trending upwards for two decades, and in particular over the course of the pandemic

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    2022 | FEATURED

    Achieving Long-Term Gains in EL Students’ Reading and Writing

    Silvia Gonzalez-Powers, Boston Public Schools Educator and IMSE Level Five Master Instructor, discusses how Structured Literacy can improve literacy rates for ELs.

  • In the News

    2022 | FEATURED

    Learn More About Orton-Gillingham

    IMSE has gathered the most current information on Orton-Gillingham, Structured Literacy, and the Science of Reading into one go-to resource…

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