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Educational Research and Resources

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IMSE Research

IMSE has conducted several reports and case studies that show our program's effectiveness for all students.

Kent State Research Greeley CO research Pontiac Study Colorado Report IMSE Data Project Report Empowering Millions Recover Literacy After Disrupted Learning Learn How IMSE Is So Much More ESSER Funding

Educational Resources

We have combined our experience in reading instruction with the input of dedicated teachers across the country to assemble a list of the best multi-sensory educational resources available.

These books, cards, and charts provide strategies that will help the teachers and students excel. We are delighted to share these resources with the community. Browse our products.

OG Weekly

Once you complete an IMSE Comprehensive or Intermediate training, you are automatically eligible to receive OG Weekly - IMSE's weekly email series designed to support you once you are back in the classroom. OG Weekly is comprised of reminders, helpful tips, lesson ideas, and content refreshers to help you remember everything that you learned during training and implement it in the classroom.

APM Reports by Emily Hanford

IMSE has worked with Ms. Hanford in the past and knows firsthand how knowledgeable she is about the science of reading. She currently has three extensive reports on the current educational landscape surrounding literacy.

You can find all of her reports by clicking the link below:
"New salvos in the battles over reading instruction." (Podcast)

Science of Reading Research

IMSE's approach is based on the science of reading.

Early Reading Instruction: What Science Really Tells Us about How to Teach Reading (The MIT Press, 2004)

Knowledge to Support the Teaching of Reading: Preparing Teachers for a Changing World
(Snow, Griffin & Burns, 2005)

Educational Skills to Support Reading for Understanding in Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade
(Institute of Education Sciences, April 2017)

The Simple View of Reading
(The Center for Development and Learning, February 2010)

Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level
(Shaywitz, 2005)

Landscapes in Teacher Prep: Undergraduate Elementary Ed
(National Council on Teacher Quality, December 2016)

Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS)
(Sopris West)

Reading in the Brain: The New Science of How We Read
(Dehaene, 2009)

Whole-Language High Jinks
(Thomas B. Fordham Institute, January 2007)

Teaching Reading is Rocket Science: What Expert Teachers of Reading Should Know and Be Able to Do
(American Federation of Teachers, June 1999)

Strengthening Reading Instruction Through Better Preparation of Elementary and Special Education Teachers
(National Council on Teacher Quality, August 2018)

Additional Resources

Simple View of Reading (Gough & Tumner, 1986)

Scarborough's Rope (Scarborough, 2001)

Ehri's Phases of Reading (2004)