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Frequently Asked Questions

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IMSE Orders & Classroom Supplies

POs & Quotes

If you need a quote for approval from your school, place items in your shopping cart, then click the “Get Quote for PO” button to generate a PDF quote that you can print for approval. The quote is not complete until you receive a quote number.

IMSE provides quotes for online orders. Follow the prompts and after submission you can print a pdf and receive an email confirmation with a quote number. To complete payment, submit your PO and quote to Quotes are 30-day non-obligation and we will not process the order until you or your district submits a copy of your signed and authorized purchase order per the instructions in the confirmation email referencing the quote number.

Please watch our Tutorial Video here

Shipping Policy

For classroom supplies orders, shipping charges are as follows:

  • Order total of less than $50 – flat $14.95 shipping charge
  • Order total of $50.01 to $250.00 – flat $19.95 shipping charge
  • Order total of $250.01 to $500.00 – shipping is calculated at 10% of the total order amount
  • Order total of $500.01 to $1,000.00 – shipping is calculated at 9% of the total order amount
  • Order total of $1,000.01 to $5,000.00 – shipping is calculated at 8% of the total order amount
  • Order total of $5,000.01 or more – shipping is calculated at 6% of the total order amount

Shipping charges are based on the total for physical products only and do not include digital products. For international shipping rates, please contact

Return Policy
  • For any items that arrive damaged, the product will be replaced free of charge if reported within 30 days of the original purchase. Visual documentation (picture) is required.
  • All returns for credit must be in original condition. 
  • Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer, IMSE does not provide shipping labels.
  • Any returns made within 30 days of the original purchase will be accepted and refunded in full.
  • Any returns after 30 days will be credited the original purchase price less a restocking fee 10% of the order total.

Returned products should be shipped back to Shiptrex. The address is below:   

IMSE Fulfillment Center

Attn: Returns (Your order # here)

35313 Beattie Dr

Sterling Heights, MI 48312



Here at IMSE we know that you would like to start using the products you’ve ordered as quickly as possible. In an effort to make that happen, we now have multiple product fulfillment centers. Your IMSE Workbooks and Classroom Kits will arrive in separate shipments.

IMSE's Trainings

Who would benefit from IMSE's Orton-Gillingham training?

Anyone who is interested in learning IMSE’s Orton-Gillingham methodology would benefit from training. IMSE has successfully trained a variety of professionals, including teachers, specialists, paraprofessionals, administrators, and parents. IMSE currently has trainings throughout the United States. Please check our Training Schedule to find a training that fits your schedule, either in person or virtually. 
IMSE also offers district or school training, where an IMSE Instructor can come to your school to work with your educators. In-school training is customized to meet the specific needs of your school, district, and individual students and can be provided virtually if needed.  

What is the Science of Reading?

The Science of Reading is a comprehensive body of research that encompasses years of scientific knowledge, spans across many languages, and shares the contributions of experts from relevant disciplines such as education, special education, literacy, psychology, neurology, and more. The Science of Reading has evolved from a wide span of research designs, experimental methods, participants, and statistical analyses. This conclusive, empirically supported research provides us with the information we need to gain a deeper understanding of how we learn to read, what skills are involved, how they work together, and which parts of the brain are responsible for reading development. From this research, we can identify an evidence-based best practice approach for teaching foundational literacy skills called Structured Literacy. 

Is Orton-Gillingham only for students with dyslexia or other special needs?

IMSE provides a proven approach that benefits all students. Orton-Gillingham was originally designed for use with individuals with dyslexia, primarily in tutorial settings. However, national studies have shown that more than 65% of fourth graders are not reading at grade level.  Research shows that all students benefit from an explicit and systematic approach to literacy instruction. IMSE has designed a structured literacy approach based on the Orton-Gillingham philosophy that can be used effectively not only by general education teachers in a large group setting but also by specialists teaching students with disabilities, English language learners, or at-risk populations in a small group or individually. 

Do you have a training agenda or syllabus?

For a brief description of what you can expect from any of our courses, including the 12.5-Hour Phonological Awareness course, 30-Hour Comprehensive OG+ course, 30-Hour Morphology+, course, please contact us at

Does the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE) offer In-School district training for our professional staff?

In addition to the public training that we offer at a variety of time zones and schedule formats, the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education specializes in on-site staff development for individual schools and districts. There is a minimum number of participants for on-site training. In addition to our Comprehensive OG+ (30 hours) or Morphology+ (30 hours) courses, we offer districts the option of doing a 12.5-hour Phonological Awareness course; IMSE also provides specialty training opportunities for educational assistants as well as site or district-level administration. Furthermore, IMSE can provide coaching and implementation support post-training. To contact an IMSE consultant regarding on-site training or coaching support for your school, please call us at 800-646-9788 or email us at

Will IMSE's Orton-Gillingham training help staff meet RTI/MTSS requirements?

Yes, the IMSE Orton-Gillingham approach equips educators with strategies appropriate for every tier of intervention.  Teachers, specialists, and paraprofessionals can use these strategies to effectively intervene to develop students into successful readers, spellers and writers. We encourage general education teachers from Pre-K to 3rd grade to use this methodology with every student in tier 1 as well. The 30-hour Comprehensive Training is unlike other programs. IMSE training is hands-on and personalized.

Is IMSE's training cost effective?

Considering that schools who have fully incorporated the IMSE approach into their literacy instruction have seen a significant decrease in special education referrals and a lower at-risk population in the general education classrooms, our trainings are very cost effective. Both of our 30 hour trainings will provide your staff with the knowledge, skills, and tools required to be able to fully implement this approach immediately. You will also receive the needed materials and resources to get you started in the classroom. To learn more about pricing for trainings as well as included materials, please contact us at 800-646-9788 or

Will IMSE's Orton-Gillingham disrupt my current reading program?

Our goal is to provide teachers with additional tools to incorporate into their current literacy instruction. This program offers the flexibility required to integrate the IMSE Orton-Gillingham philosophy into any existing reading program. IMSE seeks to provide a sequential, cumulative, multi-sensory approach that will benefit all learners and enhance the effectiveness of your current curriculum.

Can multiple teachers attend a virtual training together?

All of IMSE’s virtual courses include hands-on practice and multiple opportunities each day to interact with other participants by using breakout rooms. If you are sharing a computer or have colleagues using multiple computers in one room, you will not be able to fully participate in these learning experiences, which are a vital part of each IMSE training. Therefore, we ask that there is one person per camera, per room for this training in order to ensure the fidelity of the training and full participation.

Last day to register

IMSE closes public trainings 12 days prior to training start-date to ensure adequate shipping time. We want to make sure everyone has their materials ready for day one of training!

Alumni Group

IMSEs Alumni Facebook group is a great resource for answering your content or implementation questions.

You can find it here:

Tech Support

IMSE is available for basic tech support troubleshooting - missing registration/zoom link, password resets, and issues with digital products.

 Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM EST. Please email

IMSE Certification Program

Why Educators and Districts choose the IMSE Practicum
  • The IMSE practicum provides support in implementing IMSE Orton-Gillingham (OG) strategies with fidelity. With consistency throughout the practicum, educators will work directly with a Practicum Supervisor who will provide feedback, additional resources, and answers to questions to ensure participants implement IMSE OG strategies most effectively with their students. 
  • Graduates will be listed on the IMSE website as IMSE OG-certified educators.
  • Graduates can be listed on the Learning Ally website as OG-certified educators or tutors.
  • Educators who complete one practicum may apply for the Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist certification.
  • Graduates have opportunities to apply to become an IMSE Instructor, IMSE District Instructor, Practicum Supervisor, or District Practicum Supervisor. 


Am I eligible to apply for the practicum?

Educational Requirements

Applicants must possess a valid teaching certificate or educational licensure. Alternatively, we will consider applicants with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in education (teaching, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, social work, or psychology).  In place of a valid teaching license, applicants will upload a letter on school letterhead stating that the applicant is currently employed and has passed a background check. Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree with a major other than those listed above may contact and request a waiver form.
Applicants must apply for the practicum within 24 months of completing the required course.  If it has been over 24 months, Comprehensive/Comprehensive OG Plus practicum applicants are required to complete the IMSE OG+ Fidelity course; Specialist practicum applicants are required to complete the IMSE Morphology+ Fidelity course. 

Each IMSE Fidelity course is 15 hours and asynchronous. The fee for each course is $375. Applicants may apply these hours and the fee to the IMSE practicum if they are accepted within two years of completing the IMSE Fidelity course. 

Fidelity Course Information 


Course Requirements

Comprehensive/Comprehensive OG+ Practicum

All applicants must have taken the IMSE Phonological Awareness (PA)  course or been approved for a course waiver. The PA course ensures applicants who have not had specific training in this essential pillar of reading instruction are equipped to implement best practices. Those who have been trained in PA and can pass a brief assessment may apply for a course waiver. The approved waiver form will be uploaded in your application in place of the Phonological Awareness course certificate of completion.

PA Waiver Request for IMSE Practicum Application

Click HERE to view the live virtual Phonological Awareness schedule.

Click HERE to purchase the IMSE Asynchronous Phonological Awareness Course


Specialist/Morphology Plus Practicum

Applicants who have completed the IMSE Comprehensive/Comprehensive OG Plus practicum and the IMSE Intermediate/Morphology Plus course have met the course requirements to be eligible to apply for the IMSE Specialist/Morphology Plus practicum. Those who complete both the IMSE Comprehensive/Comprehensive OG Plus practicum and the Morphology Plus practicum will receive an IMSE Specialist certification and are eligible to apply to CERI for the Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist Certification.

Morphology Plus practicum candidates are required to work with two students at separate times and with heterogeneous needs. Candidates must work with a total of three students during the two practicums. During the second practicum, candidates must work with a focus student and at least one additional student who has a different learning profile and who is at a different starting point within the Morphology Plus scope and sequence. 

As stated above, those who complete the IMSE Specialist practicum are eligible to apply for CERI’s Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist certification. Those who complete the IMSE Specialist certification in 2022 or after may use CERI’s standard application to apply. Those who completed the IMSE Specialist certification prior to 2022 must use the CERI alternate route application to apply for this CERI certification. 

If I complete an IMSE Practicum, will I be eligible for certifications through CERI?

Educators who complete one practicum may apply for the Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist certification.

Educators who complete both the IMSE Comprehensive/Comprehensive OG Plus practicum and the IMSE Specialist/Morphology Plus practicum may apply for the CERI Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist Certification. 

For Ohio educators: Per the Dyslexia Committee’s Guidebook, the CERI Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist certification and the CERI Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist certification are both approved pathways to meeting the requirements for the District/Site Intervention Specialist role.

How long am I eligible to apply for the practicum?

Applicants must apply for the practicum within 24 months of completing the required course.  If it has been over 24 months, Comprehensive/Comprehensive OG Plus practicum applicants are required to complete the IMSE OG+ Fidelity course; Specialist practicum applicants are required to complete the IMSE Morphology+ Fidelity course. 

When can I apply for the practicum?

The IMSE certification application window will be open from May 1 until August 30. All applications received within this window will receive equal consideration. An IMSE panel will review applications using an internal rubric to evaluate qualified applicants.

The application will only be available during the open enrollment period between May 1st and  August 30th.

Where do I go to apply?

To access the online application, log into your IMSE account and click on OG Certification Program. Expand the box for the appropriate practicum type. The application will only be available during the open enrollment period from May 1st - August 30th.

What documents do I need to apply for the practicum?

The following application documents are required and must be uploaded in order to submit your application.  It is best to gather these documents prior to enrollment opening: 

  • A valid education license.
  • Original transcripts or copies from your college/university. The transcripts must reflect the completion of a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Two letters of recommendation. One must come from an administrator or supervisor. The other can be from a co-worker or the parent of a student. Letters must include contact information and should speak to your strengths as an educator. 
  • Certificate of completion from the IMSE Phonological Awareness course or the approved PA waiver form (required for Comprehensive/Comprehensive OG Plus applicants only).
  • Certificate of completion from the Asynchronous Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension (FVC) course. Participants were provided with a 3-hour video of FVC components as part of the Comprehensive OG Plus course. Comprehensive OG Plus practicum applicants must complete these components and pass the final mini-assessment.  If you completed the Comprehensive OG course before June 6, 2022, you will upload your certificate of completion from the Fidelity Certificate course in the location designated for the FVC certificate. 

Beyond eligibility requirements, a rubric-based evaluation of the following assignments is part of the IMSE selection criteria:

  • Applicants will write two paragraphs in response to the following prompt:  Why do I wish to participate in the IMSE Practicum, and how will my students benefit?  This document must be uploaded in PDF format to a designated location within the application. 
  • Applicants will record a 10-15 minute video of the Three-Part Drill implementation. Applicants must be seen leading a student through all the steps of the Three-Part Drill, including the Vowel Intensive component. For this video, you may work with a student or an adult.  You are advised to keep in mind the following:
    • Set a timer and keep each drill to a maximum of three minutes. 
    • Ensure that you and your student both can be seen and heard.
    • Use your IMSE flipchart so that you do not miss the required steps.
  • Upload your video to Google Drive, YouTube, or Dropbox, being sure that anyone with the link can view the video. Please refer to this link for help:  Tips for Recording and Uploading your Application Video.
When will I find out if I am accepted into the practicum?

Candidates will receive an approval or denial letter via email by October 1, 2024. Please check your spam email if you have not received an email by this date. 

How much does the practicum cost?

Total cost $2350 

  • A nonrefundable $100 fee will be assessed for the application fee (regardless of acceptance).
  • After payment of the application fee, the practicum cost is $2250. This must be paid before the first lesson is submitted. There may also be an option of breaking the practicum cost into payments through PayPal.  Finally, for those who cannot proceed with the practicum before any lessons have been uploaded, a portion of the cost will be refunded. Please contact for more information.  

You will need to obtain the following books necessary for completing some of the coursework requirements:
Comprehensive Practicum:

  • Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz 
  • Speech to Print: Language Essentials for Teachers by Louisa Moats
  • Speech to Print Workbook: Language Exercises for Teachers by Louisa Moats

Morphology Plus Practicum:

  • Equipped for Reading Success by David Kilpatrick
  • Reciprocal Teaching at Work by Lori Oczkus


How long will the practicum take?

The practicum will take a minimum of six months and must be completed within 12 months. Participants should have access to their practicum student for 12 months without interruption other than standard school vacation weeks and holidays.

How much time will I spend on the practicum each week?

This will vary depending on several factors. On average, participants can expect to spend five hours per week on the IMSE practicum. You may consider this process similar to a rigorous graduate-level course.

Do I have to wait for an acceptance notification to work with my students?

No, please begin working with your students as soon as you can. We never want to withhold academic support. The assessment report and consent forms must be completed prior to notification of acceptance. Otherwise, any work completed with your student prior to acceptance cannot be submitted for the practicum.

Can I work with my students virtually?

Yes, IMSE practicum participants can work with students in person or virtually.

May I use IMSE OG strategies without being certified?

The practicum and certification requirements do not need to be completed to implement IMSE OG strategies with students. Educators are encouraged to use the skills and materials acquired from IMSE courses as they provide reading instruction. However, while certification is not a requirement, many educators prefer the confidence that comes with supervised practice and additional academic content to meet their professional or personal goals. Many educators also opt to begin with the Fidelity Certificate course to ensure they are following IMSE lessons correctly to improve student outcomes. Often, they go on to apply for the practicum, having one requirement – the Fidelity Course/Practicum modules – completed.

What credits are available for completing the practicum?

IMSE’s practicums are approved for graduate credits through Ashland University in Ohio. You must complete all of the practicum requirements to be eligible to purchase these credits (this includes passing the KPEERI exam).  Application directions will be sent with your certification exit documents. 

IMSE’s Lesson Planning and Assessment Program

What is the Interactive OG 2.0 (IMSE's online lesson planning and assessment program)?

IMSE’s OG Lesson Planning and Assessment Program, Interactive OG 2.0, allows teachers to pull from a multitude of resources such as pre-made lesson plans, help in creating your own original lesson plans, digital lesson plan segments for each Comprehensive OG+ concept, and our assessment program all on-line. The program is currently available as a subscription service which can be accessed through your IMSE log-in.

I want to order the program, but it says I do not qualify. How can I subscribe?

In order to be able to purchase the subscription, you must have completed either the IMSE Gomprehensive or Comprehensive OG+ 30-hour training.

Is there a trial of the IMSE OG Lesson Planning and Assessment program?

Access to the IMSE OG Lesson Planning and Assessment program is included in the cost of training and materials. Participants who complete the 30 hour IMSE Comprehensive OG+ course have access for one year. 

I’m having trouble printing from the program. Help!

For assistance with printing and other trouble-shooting, please email us at

Continuing Education

Can you take IMSE’s training for professional development credit and/or graduate credit?

The Institute for Multi-Sensory Education trainings qualify for continuing education credits as well as college credits in most states. A full list of states and institutions that qualify may be located on our website through the following link:

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


What is the difference between the Complete Virtual Classroom and the IMSE Customizable K-2 Bundle?

These products both follow the K-2 IMSE Scope and Sequence. The main difference between the two products is that the Complete Virtual Classroom operates on Microsoft Powerpoint (only) while the Customizable K-2 Bundle operates on Google Slides and can be combined with other IMSE digital products such as the dictation slides and syllable division slides. The IMSE Customizable K-2 Slide Bundle also includes decodable reader slides, which are not included in the Complete Virtual Classroom.

How do I assign Digital Products?

Please watch our tutorial video here for assigning digital products to your account or to another Participant's account. 

IMSE Tech Corner

I completed an IMSE course, where is my Certificate?
  1. Login to your IMSE Account. 
  2. Click on "My Trainings" on the left side of the page
  3. Complete course survey
  4. Allow for one week after training end date for processing
  5. On this same "My Trainings" page, click "Download Certificate" 
How do I access my IMSE Digital Products - Google Slides/Virtual Classroom/Swift Products/Decodable Readers?
  • Login into IMSE.COM profile or click on "Account"
  • Click on "My Digital Resources"
  • Make sure the filter "In Library" is highlighted
  • Then you can filter by course type, favorites, etc. or search the search bar at the top to find what you need
My IMSE Digital Materials are not in “My Digital Resources”
  • You may have more than one profile or have assigned digital products to the wrong profile (email address). Please email to resolve this problem.
  • You may also have too many filters selected in the Digital Resources Library. Make sure you have the correct filters selected on the menu at the left.
How do I use my Google Slide lessons?
  • How to use the slides/digital product information here
  • How to make a copy of the entire presentation here
  • How to copy selected slides here
How to start on IOG 2.0

The best way to learn how to use IOG  2.0 is to watch the tutorial videos on the IOG Dashboard. Click "Visit IOG2 Help Center" to see many helpful videos.

I did not receive my password reset email

Check your spam folder. If the email not in spam, please call 800-646-9788 and will reset it for you.

How do I download/print IMSE Decodable Readers

Please follow the link for instructions.

Decodable Reader printing black boxes

Please follow this link to resolve this issue.

Tech Support

IMSE is available for basic tech support troubleshooting - missing registration/zoom link, password resets, and issues with digital products..

 Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM EST. Please email