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Michigan educators have an opportunity to take IMSE training free of charge through the 35d Grant. Find out morehere.


District & Group Training Virtually or On-Site

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What makes IMSE unique is our engaging, practical, hands-on training. Our method works to support your current reading program instead of disrupting it. Districts should consider formulating an action plan for students that are recovering literacy after the COVID-19 pandemic.

IMSE offers several options for your district or school group to be trained.

Private district trainings - Virtual and In-Person private district training options are available. Specialty pricing available; please contact IMSE to discuss options for your school district at or 800-646-9788.

Voucher system - District groups can register in public trainings with speciality group pricing using IMSE's voucher system. See below for more information on this system and how to sign your teachers up for public trainings.

A few things to note:

  • After you purchase your vouchers, your teachers have 3 months to redeem them and sign up for trainings.
  • There is one voucher for both the 30 hour Comprehensive and Intermediate training. Your teachers will then have to choose which TYPE of training and WHEN they want to take training. There is a separate voucher for the Phonological Awareness training.

30 hour IMSE Training Voucher - Comprehensive or Intermediate

Item #: VCH-30

Price: $1275.00

Quantity Price Discount %
1 to 9 $1,275.00 0.0%
10 to 14 $1,215.00 4.71%
15 to 19 $1,190.00 6.67%
20 to 24 $1,135.00 10.98%
25 to 29 $1,110.00 12.94%
30 to 34 $1,085.00 14.9%
35 to 39 $1,060.00 16.86%
40+ $1,035.00 18.82%

IMSE's Phonological Awareness Training Voucher

Item #: VCH-12

Price: $565.00

Quantity Price Discount %
1 to 9 $565.00 0.0%
10 to 14 $550.00 2.65%
15 to 19 $545.00 3.54%
20 to 24 $540.00 4.42%
25 to 29 $535.00 5.31%
30 to 34 $530.00 6.19%
35 to 39 $525.00 7.08%
40+ $520.00 7.96%

What makes IMSE unique is our face-to-face, hands-on training. Our method is very flexible and works to support your current reading program instead of disrupting it.

Our private district trainings offer the unique opportunity of having IMSE instructors come into your schools and train your teachers. By doing this, IMSE can ensure that your district's unique needs are being met.

While our program can be an additional tool to supplement your current instruction, it is also designed to be a stand-alone literacy program. Since it’s integrated into the general classroom, it’s flexible enough to fit the needs of all types of learners. Teachers can group students based on their need for greater challenges or additional support. 

Each district has its own needs and budget, but all districts want to produce proficient readers. Whether you’re a teacher who wants to enhance your classroom reading curriculum or an administrator who wants to empower your teachers to help every child achieve his reading potential, IMSE training unlocks the door to reading fluency.

Refresher and/or Classroom Consultation

The refresher is a beneficial workshop that reinforces material learned at IMSE's Comprehensive and Intermediate trainings. Every teacher knows that learning is an on-going process. In our Refresher and/or Classroom Consultation, an IMSE trainer and teachers come together to review material, ask questions, and share successes. In addition, a trainer may visit your classrooms to demonstrate techniques and provide expert feedback as your teachers implement the strategies.

IMSE Impact Overview Presentation

IMSE's Impact Overview is designed to help you determine which training is appropriate for your staff. The main points and topics of the the IMSE Impact Trainings are discussed, to give a brief introduction to the material covered in IMSE's programs. 

Please call us at 800-646-9788 and one of our consultants will discuss how IMSE's programs can make an impact in your school or district.

Literacy Reseach and Resources Watch the Training Video Overview