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District & Group Training Virtually or On-Site


Make Literacy
Priority Number One

IMSE is dedicated to supporting districts and schools as they progress toward their literacy goals and provide Science of Reading-backed literacy instruction in the classrooms - reaching all tiers of learners.

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Choose a Training Option

With year-round in-person or live-virtual sessions, there's always
an opportunity to easily register your district or school for
professional development.

Private Training

Private in-person or live-virtual training offers the advantage of tailored instruction and personalized support.
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Public Live-Virtual

Vouchers for public live-virtual training provide educators with the flexibility to register at their convenience.
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Elevate Learning by Partnering for a Private Training

  • Provide educators with the opportunity to work with colleagues
  • Build a collaborative learning environment
  • Increase fidelity and consistency across classrooms and district
  • Includes training materials

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Private Group Pricing for Training

Location # of Participants Cost Maximum Participants

25-29 participants

30-64 participants

$1,350 p/p

$1,275 p/p

64 participants

25-29 participants

30-48 participants

$1,350 p/p

$1,275 p/p

48 participants


+$4,000 / week for in-person trainings

Minimum 25 participants
October – April

Minimum 30 participants
May – September

Provide Your Educators with Flexible Learning Opportunities

  • Accommodate ever-changing schedules
  • Specialty group pricing
  • 30-hour voucher for Comprehensive OG+ or Morphology+
  • 12.5-hour voucher for Phonological Awareness

Dynamic Pathways for Busy Educators

Select the training approach that best works for you.

Traditional Sessions
6 hours per day
Half-Day Sessions
10 sessions,
3 hours per session
Evening Sessions
10 sesions,
3 hours per session
Weekend Sessions
4 sessions,
7.5 hours per session
Bi-Weekly Sessions
2 sessions,
per week for 5 weeks
10 sessions,
10 weeks
1-Day Per Week
5 sessions,
5 weeks

Public Live-Virtual Training Voucher Pricing

1-9 participants
10-29 participants
$1,350 (10% discount)
30-99 participants
$1,275 (15% discount)
100+ participants
$1,200 (20% discount)

“IMSE’s virtual training is so engaging and interactive I forgot I was learning from home. The instructor was able to provide feedback and give us plenty of opportunities for practice and questions.”


"From Winter 2020 to Winter 2022, there was a 35% increase in our Kindergarten classrooms reading proficiency across the entire district! Our teachers are not building readers to take a test; We are building skilled readers for life!"


Head of Multi-Tiered System of Support, ISD 318, Grand Rapids, Minnesota

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Make an Impact on Literacy Today

To learn more about how your school or district can improve literacy education, call
(800) 646-9788 or email to speak with a member of our team.

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