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Morphology Plus Teacher Guides - Affixes, Greek, Latin 2023

This bundle of teacher guides includes the following: Affixes Book 1, Affixes Book 2, Latin, and Greek. These guides follow the scope and sequence presented in IMSE’s 30-hour Morphology Plus Course. For each concept, there are helpful instructional notes regarding the morpheme(s). Additionally, each guide contains detailed outlines of the drills and routines incorporated during instruction. A list of words and sentences for application activities is included for each morpheme. A sample weekly lesson plan outline for both a 90-minute and 30-minute literacy block is also provided.

**Morphology Plus teacher guides are only sold as a bundle. Individual books are not for sale.

Preview Affixes 1 Guide Here

Preview Affixes 2 Guide Here

Preview Greek Guide Here

Preview Latin Guide Here

To purchase this product, individuals must have completed the IMSE Intermediate or Morphology+ course. Account verification will be conducted during the checkout process.

Price: $250.00

Bulk Discounts:
1 : $250.00
1-9 : $250.00
10-30 : $225.00
31-99 : $212.50
100+ : $200.00

This product requires the assignee to have completed an Intermediate or Morphology+ Training.

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