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IMSE Orton-Gillingham Printable Classroom Activity Bundle - Grades K-2 - 2021 Edition

By Institute for Multi-Sensory Education

Highly engaging, motivating, and fun pre-made Orton-Gillingham classroom activities and games aligned with IMSE K-2 scope and sequence. This printable (black ink) PDF file assortment includes more than ten games per K-2 concept. Activities can be used 1:1, small groups, or whole class (differentiated by concept) to help build automaticity and review skills. Activities are organized by category. Each set includes card games, craft/drills, and board games. Great for students in the general education setting, intervention setting, or home-school setting.


Kindergarten Set: c, o, a, d, g, m, l, h, t, i, j, k, p, ch, u, b, r, f, n, e, s, sh, th, w, wh, y, v, r, x, z, qu

First Grade Set: Compound words, -ff, -ll, -ss, -zz endings, open/closed syllables, beginning R blends, beginning L blends, beginning W blends, beginning S blends, ending T blends, ending L blends, ending S blends, -ng endings, -nk endings, suffix -ed, Magic E, ph, ck, ea, oa, and ai

Second Grade Set: ee, ay, or, er, it, ur, ow, ou, igh, consonant -le endings, ar, or, oo, y as a vowel, hard/soft c, hard/soft g, aw, au, -dge endings, oi, oy, and -tch endings

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**Printable PDF Files come in black ink. For best quality and long-lasting durability, print on colored paper/cardstock.

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